10 GitHub Repositories That Help You Become A Better DevOps Engineer

10 GitHub Repositories That Help You Become A Better DevOps Engineer

Hi there, Today, We'll go through various Github repositories that you may not have come across that can improve your skills as a DevOps engineer. These are repositories that will introduce you to new tools that you have probably never heard of, as well as tips for doing things more effectively than you already do. The list also includes publicly available resources on how companies worldwide practice DevOps and SREs.

Without wasting so much time. Let's get to it.

The Book of Secret Knowledge

Here you will find useful resources for your day to day at work as an engineer, such as manuals, guides, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, command-line tools, and websites. An abundance of valuable data is housed in the repository. It's a goldmine of information you should save for easy access whenever you need too a tip or trick. Highly recommended for System and Network administrators, DevOps, Pentesters, and Security Researchers.

Awesome Scalability

A well-organized reading collection for demonstrating the patterns of scalable, dependable, and performant large-scale systems. Concepts are discussed in articles written by notable engineers and reliable sources. Case studies are drawn from battle-tested systems that service millions to billions of users.

Awesome Cloud Native Trainings

This is a collection of free trainings with and without certificates that were released for different companies supporting Cloud Native Computing Foundations Projects and Kubernetes. Whether you are studying for a Kubernetes Certification or powering your career as DevOps Engineer / SRE, this set of trainings could prepare you well to face many Cloud Native applications challenges.

DevOps Exercises

This repo contains questions and exercises on various technical topics, sometimes related to DevOps and SRE. Covers topics like, Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP, DNS, Elastic, Network, Virtualization. DevOps Interview Questions

Fast Kubernetes

This repo covers Kubernetes objects' and components' details (Kubectl, Pod, Deployment, Service, ConfigMap, Volume, PV, PVC, Daemonset, Secret, Affinity, Taint-Toleration, Helm, etc.) fastly, and possible example usage scenarios (HowTo: Hands-on LAB) in a nutshell. Possible usage scenarios are aimed to update over time.

How they SRE

A compiled and annotated selection of resources on how technology and tech-savvy organizations around the world practice Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Ansible for DevOps Examples

A curated list of awesome Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

Test your Sys Admin Skill

A collection of Linux Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers. Test your knowledge and skills in different fields with these Q/A. The good thing about answers to questions is that they contain useful resources for a deeper understanding.

Awesome DevSecOps

This is a collection of documents, presentations, videos, training materials, tools, services, and general leadership that support the DevSecOps mission. These are the essential building blocks and tidbits that can help you to arrange for a DevSecOps experiment or to help you build out your own DevSecOps program.

DevOps Bash Tools

800+ DevOps Shell Scripts and Advanced Bash environment for popular DevOps technologies like Linux, Mac, AWS, GCP, Docker API, Kubernetes, and many more.

How They DevOps

A curated collection of publicly available resources on how companies around the world practice DevOps

That's all about the 10 Github repositories that help you become a better DevOps Engineer.

Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.